Rucksack Coach is a non-profit-organisation,

founded in Germany, acting worldwide.

A mother – daughter team being a light for those who are less fortunate:

“We light a candle in the dark for those who need it.”  

The goal is always to help others to help themselves. This is achieved in particular through the development and implementation of : Trainings, Workshops and Coachings. As well as consultings and support of NGO`s and even very small social projects or individuals worldwide.





What is a Rucksack Coach?

A Rucksack Coach, is a Coach who lives a location independent live. Like a turtle, that carries her home on her back. Annie and Malia carry all they need in their hearts and in their Rucksack (backpack).






Rucksack Coach Lulu gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

was founded in 2014. Ever since then, Annie and Malia worked on the base. It’s not an office job, they support on the ground, they shared basic accommodation and food with the people they helped. The past two years, they shined their light in Asia and build the base for more to come.


Cleft Friends in the Philippines

In the Philippines they started the project “Cleft-Friends”. Promoting complete cleft treatment and addressing many psycho-social aspects: Coaching and Workshops to empower cleft patients and parents. Raising money to enable cleft patients and their siblings to go to school. Just to name a few.


Dance for Kindness in Thailand

They believe in the Power of Kindness. In 2015 they lead 55 children from a remote Children’s Home in Thailand to participate on the worldwide “Dance for Kindness” together with thousands of people around the globe.


Roots, Wings and Love 2016 – worldwide

Currently, Annie is preparing the international Online Summit: “Roots, Wings and Love 2016 – Spiritual Single Parenting Summit”. By empowering the many single parents around the world, we inspire them to raise kind children. Kind children will change our world to the better. To raise kind children, we have to start with ourselves.”







Rucksack Coach is a registered NGO with the German government and therefore able to issue donation receipts for German tax payers. Every single cent that is received as donations goes out for charity purpose.

If you want to hear more about Annie and Malia Luna Lulu, you can follow their personal

Journey into Trust :  www.journeyintotrust.com






I am love and you are love.
I am light and you are light.
I am save and you are save.

Love, peace, hope and kindness for all living beings.

– Annie Lulu –



Translation: German