Beauty-Shooting for Cleft Patients

Annka und Melly RollerHolistic care. Body, mind and soul. That’s always important to me, also reagrding our cleft friends.

Bullying, staring and being laughed at, the feeling of being different or incomplete have left scars on the souls of those affected as well as with their parents and family members. Surgery is the first of many steps.

Often their self-confidence is quite low. I thought about what else could I do? With a beauty shoot, I wanted to give you all of them a very special day. Each individual should be at the center of positive attention. Getting a professional styling and make-up and having all Camaras on them. Their individual beauty is what I wanted to capture in a portrait.

In January I was searching on Facebook for photographers who were interested in supporting  my actions. Ann-Kathrin (Annka) Lange from Ulm spontaneously agreed to visit me in the Philippines. As an assistant she brought Melly Kieß from Stuttgart. They were fired up by the idea and offered their services free of charge. They financed their flight with a charity shoot.

The two young photographers accompanied us ‘Rucksack Coaches’ with the camara. All patients received an unforgettable shoot with stunning results. Annka accompanies us for a total of four weeks. To Melly we said goodbye on Monday after two weeks, which seemed way to short. 

The two girls were just an amazing team. It was great to have them here. To keep the costs down we shared a room and Melly even shared the bed with Malia and me. They are both very easy going and extremly lovely not to mention how talented they are. I am pretty sure we will hear much more of this two young ladies.

Stay tuned for the great photos.



Translation: German

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