Portrait No 20: Her positive attitude opened new doors.

June Marie is the mom of cleft child Leemcer Zeus (8 months old).

Together with husband Resmeel she lovingly cares for son Leemcer. Leemcers cleft lip scars have not yet healed when the young family received negative news from Bohol. They were driven out of their home and have to start from scratch.

June was devastated, but after a short time she beamed at me and said. We have decided to laugh and be happy as long as we are here with Leemcer We do not know whether we have much to laugh when we return to Bohol return, so we laugh now.

Their positive attitude gave them new perspectives. We currently plan to support the young family to build a small family business.

My support to help themselves does not end after a successful operation. We are only at the beginning, of what we can do.


Idea © Rucksack Coach – Foto © Ann-Kathrin Lange.

Translation: German

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