Portrait No 24: Charles before the cleftlip operation, after weeks of intensive care. Little boy with many traumas.

Charles, Charly, Charlsy. Who would have thought that this boy would grow so fond to me.

Charly’s development in the past 5 months makes me so incredibly proud and confirms my belief that what we are doing for months, my 3 year old daughter and I, made a difference. We touch the hearts of people and they touch our hearts. We all have changed by this experience. We reached our limits and helped each other to keep going.

When I met Charly for the first time 5 months ago, I felt that something was wrong. Charly seemed distraught and absentminded. It was only later that I learned of the trauma this little boy already had to gone through. His father was killed last year in front of the house and left a young widow with 4 young children. The youngest was only 4 weeks old.

After 5 long months Charles cleft lip got closed and heals well. A much greater success is to hear his laughter. To see his smile before he falls asleep next to us in a double bed. His embrace in the morning. The first thing he does in the morning after getting up, he comes to me, I sit usually on the PC and use the early hours while Malia is still asleep. Charly comes and gets his cuddles to start the day. His social skills have improved a lot in recent months. Charles continues to need support. I hope to find a way to strengthen mama and child further. Next target we have set ourselves, is Charly to be operated on his cleft palate before Christmas 2015. NCFP will also perform the second operation free of charge. Charly and Norlita may still need all your prayers.

Charly and Norlita we love you!


Idea © Rucksack Coach – Foto © Ann-Kathrin Lange.

Report © Rucksack Coach – Text © Annie Lulu

Translation: German

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