Portrait 26: Cleft mama almost gave up hope

Mama Norlita was not at her house when I came to help her son. She tells why she wasn’t there and what had changed her mind:

From the very beginning I wasn´t there in my house. My cousin told me to stay in the house because some people will come and meet me. They want to help Charles to receive an operation for his cleft condition. I felt ashamed and escaped. So I went to work on the rice field.
I didn´t believe my cousins story that someone will help me. I thaught to myself my life is so hard and I never have someone to help me when I struggle and have to go through hardship. Why now? It is so hard to find money for the x-ray. It is enough. I am so tired of going to Tagbilaran, I am tired of vomiting and feeling car sick when travelling. So many times we were promised help and nothing happened. I am only one in life. Not again, it is enough.


At first I saw Annie, a German woman walking towards me in the rice field. When I saw her with her child under the hot sun in the rice field I felt ashamed. Is it the time, I wondered?  Is she the person, I asked the lord to send as my friend and help with my sons operation? The sadness inside my heart was quickly gone because I met this white woman.

In Manila I am so very happy. This woman became my friend, but not only a friend but a sister, a true sister. I am so happy because I accompany the woman who lives on the other side of the world.

One day, I saw Annie beeing hurt, I also felt the pain. I was looking for her and found her in the canteen here in the Parañaque hospital. She was crying. I didn`t know how to speak to her but I was also crying. Someone of our companions hurt her, and it hurt me too because I don´t want her to feel sad. For me she is true in helping people and she is also a religious person. God knows deep in my heart I accept her as my sister and my family member. That is why I love her soo much. When she was crying I also was crying. When she is hurt and sad I am too hurt and sad. When Annie will go home to Germany I will miss her so much. Because I love her so much as my true sister. She is so special to me because she is deep inside my heart and mind. For me it is God´s will that we met. She helps us, me and my child. It is true that I won´t let her go. Because I will miss her so much.
Idea © Rucksack Coach – Foto © Ann-Kathrin Lange.

Report © Rucksack Coach – Text © Norlita

Translation: German

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