EFT and Matrix Reimprinting with Child. From the Philippines to Thailand.

Always on the search how to improve my charity work as Rucksack Coach, I discovered a while ago EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting.

After working a while with these powerful breath taking techniques and experiencing first hand great results on me and with clients, I got myself trained as a EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner by Master Trainer Rob Nelson from California.

From the Philippines to Thailand.

Still in the final throes of our Philippine-cleft-mission, I ¨coincidentally¨ found out about this intense Seminar in Thailand, held by Master Trainer Rob Nelson from California. On a remote place where I ¨coincidentally¨ had passed by two years ago while backpacking with Malia. It is quiet a bit complicated, but I kind of knew how to get there.

The seminar was supposed to start 6 days later. I wasn´t able to organize neither accomondation nor babysitter from where I was in the Philippines. It was crazy. But my inner voice said: Go for it. Four days later, my little daughter and I were in an airplane…once again on a journey into the unknown.

It was very adventurous. After 15 hours travelling we arrived there in the evening, no accomondation, my purse was gone and our mood was about to collapse….

But once again my trust got rewarded. It was a fantastic and mind-blowing week.

Thank you Rob Nelson for this awesome teaching and thanks so much to this incredible group who all were ok with having Malia in the seminar for a day, when the babysitter let us dow. And extra special thanks to my wonderful daughter who was happy with a new babysitter each day and who was fantastic being a whole day with me in the seminar.

Everything is possible!


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