From Backpacking-Baby to Charity-Child

Our first mom and daughter Backpackingtour was through Thailand in 2012. At that time I was not so sure myself whether and how that would work. I just had to try it. Consciously I hardly told anyone until the tickets were booked. I just didnot want to listen to well-intentioned concerns and advice of others who had never done anything like this, but had surely a lot of reasons why a mom should not go with her 1-year old baby on a backpacking tour.

Nearly three years later, in 2015, we came by chance to the same beach in Koh Phangan in Thailand, where we had been in 2012. A good time for a résumé.

Much has changed. Meanwhile, my baby, is no longer a baby. She has traveled halfway around the world and for almost a year now w´re a mom-daughter team on a charity tour around the world. We live and support they who need our help. It is a journey into trust,  that carries so much good in it.

The well-intentioned advices on what is not possible I hear less and less. Such a trip as we do, have probably very few experienced before us. And we prove every day what is possible when Mum and daughter are on their own.


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