Within seconds Everything can Change – Earthquake 4,8

Within seconds our life can change. Everything can be different, there are no guarantees. Choose wisely: your thoughts, your friends, your activities… they could be your last.

An earthquake of the strength 4,8 met Sanghklaburi in Thailand a few hours ago. The quake which was clearly to be felt has caused no bigger damages according to the first reports, nevertheless, it has caused fear.

It could be also understood as a wake up call. To concentrate on the essentials.

We were in the bathroom, I was just going to brush the teeth of my daughter when the building started shaking.

It was not my first earthquake, instinctively I picked up my daughter and brought her outside.

The first minutes are thrilling with uncertainty whether this was only a prequake and what would still come. I observe the dogs on the street. Dogs have a good sense and from their behaviour one can interpret something.

And then? Serenity settles in.

There is one question: “How would I want to spend my last moments on this earth?”

Shortly before the quake had started, I had dealt with a problem that were already running all day through my head. At this moment of the quake, this problem was not relevant at all.

It was also not important whether my child was on time in bed, whether the clothes are ironed or the house is cleaned. It was important that we were together. In case of any postquake I instructed my daughter what was to be done. And then we enjoyed the evening, sat late with friends together and concentrated on what is important to us

Have you asked yourself once: What would you do if you had to live only few hours or days? With whom would you want to spend this time? Which thoughts would you wanted to have? What stops you from doing this?

Please share your toughts.

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