Portrait No 27: The good soul of the transient house in Manila

Ate Cynthia is the good soul of the transient house in Banawe, Manila. She takes care of the patients, cooks, laughs and prays with and for them.

The transient house is run by the ICM Immaculate Conception Missionary Sisters. Patients in need and their accompany receive simple accomondation and food for around 2$/day.

Several month I stayed with our cleft patients with the ICM sisters. Noordhof Craniofacial Foundation Philippines-NCFP paid for all of our patients. I used to buy extra food for the patients, sometimes I got donations but most of the time I paid from my money.

Even though Philippinos, as they told me themselves, don’t like raw food, they got to love my fresh vegetables salad.

Portrait photo copyright by Ann-Kathrin Lange.

Translation: German

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