From Idea to Reality: Living the Wow Factor

Discover the world through children’s eyes: Live the wow factor

Backpacking around the world, that is how I explored our wonderful earth a few years ago. With the birth of my daughter Malia Luna in 2011, it was clear that I wanted to show her all the beauty one day. Taking her on a great adventure, and thus broaden her horizons.

In my travels, I’ve learned, the more we open ourselves to other cultures, to other joys and sorrows, the more tolerance and love, we build on.

Prejudices are caused by too little knowledge. Even one bad experience alone is enough if we do not go on and gain more experience, until we made the positive experience that awaits us. If everyone had a friend on every continent, compassion, friendship and love would be the predominant feelings.

Children still have this wonderful natural gift to see through eyes of love and wonder. Everything is new, everything is great, everything is exciting, everything is good. “Woahh, look at this, wow!” This ability to be amazed, to see the miraculous in the small and large things, we call the “wow factor”. That shall be our motto for our common journey of discovery: “Live the wow factor”.

The awakening moment

One morning shortly before Christmas 2013, I felt very clear that the time had come. Now! No reflections, no doubt, just the feelings that it is right, that it is good, and now is the time.

It was also very clear, that I wanted to achieve something good, our actions shall matter. I wanted to touch and effecutuate the soul and the heart of the people we meet.

I asked myself, what can I do? How can I use my skills, my abilities, use everything I have learned so far? How much time can I invest? How can my daughter Malia Luna benefit from it? How can I combine my main task, the education and welfare of my daughter with the urge to do something good? Helping others and teach my daughter special values? These questions I ask myself again and again and check my answers frequently.

Within a short time my idea grew into a thoughtful and well-structured project. Many great people supported along the way. A shoe store in Heilbronn will sponsor the shoes with whom we start. Another company takes over the hosting of this site, another will designing the logo and the flyer. A tax advisor was a great support. Old and new friends invest their time and knowledge to support where they can. A non-profit association is just in the making.

“What one can not accomplish, many can do” (Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen)

It has grown fascinating and I love to watch as my idea grows into ​​a joint project. Our project: A little owl travels around the world

Many thanks to all those who contribute so wonderfully to the success of our project.


Update September 2015: 18 month have passed by since I wrote this article. It is me and my daughter. I have founded a charity organization and we call us “Rucksack Coach and Little Owl”. Still we have not the team I am thinking of. But this will not stop me. Yes, it’s not always easy, but we’re happy. And we were able to help so many people. We organized 10 cleft operations in the Philippines and now support an orphanage in Thailand. And most important, we’re together and we’re able to spend so much quality time together. We’re blessed.

Translation: German

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