5 Reasons why living with a toddler at the school campus is pretty cool

Living with my 4 year old daughter at the school campus, sounds weird?

After almost four month in the volunteer house – the “Green House” – we had to change houses. In our last week volunteering at the Children’s Home we moved to the school premises. From a big shared house with fridge and living room we moved into a small room on the school ground. Our door facing the school playground.

In the first night in our new home we had worms dripping from the ceiling on our bed and giant ants (really giant, I had never seen big ants like this) roaming all over the room.





But we really loved staying at this place, here are 5 reasons why:


1) Playground in front of your door

Obviously, having a play ground three steps in front of your home is quite cool for a child. Being able to play at any time in a safe place is just awesome.



2) Having a chance to attend any class and grade you desire:

My daughter just turned 4 years old. Since I am not a big fan of putting her all day in a system I do not know, I leave it up to her if she wants to go to school or nursery wherever we are. We went a few times to the nursery of the Children’s Home where I volunteered. She didn’t like it and so instead of going to the kindergarten she joined me everyday doing my work, which also involved being with children most of the time.

Here at school I asked her if she wants to go to the nursery, but instead she chose to attend first grade. The first day I sat in class with her, she attended and I was in the back doing some work. At the second day she came and told me I could leave now.

The same day in the afternoon I found her in the second grade, chatting with the teacher who didn’t speak any english.





3) Having so many friends and feeling confident

Most of the kids in school are ‘our’ kids from the Children’s Home. We know each other quiet well after four month. They call me teacher and they adore my daughter. There are always some kids who take her around, carry her, show her things and just play with her. It is an amazing environment for a four year old child. My mothers heart is full of joy seeing her tiptoeing around the school campus feeling so confident at a place where she is actually one of the youngest.




4) Having lunch cooked for us

Every day the school cooks prepare a delicious vegan meal for the children, prepared after the Neo-Humanistic-Cooking-Guidlines…means vegetarian, no garlic, no onions, no eggs and no mushrooms.

5) Movie Center

In the evening we borrowed the school projector and watched movies on the big screen.



Lesson learned: Making the best out of any given situation

The last few weeks were quiet challenging. Many unnecessary changes, some not so pleasant experiences…. I had decided to leave a bit earlier and to make the best out of the remaining time. We had an amazing event last night, I organized a Freeze/Flashmob in honour of Kindness Day.

It is the morning after this amazing worldwide event…I feel happy but very tired after weeks of preparation. Are we having sleep in and resting day? Not really, we have to pack and move again. We will stay a few more days to get clear about our next steps. Where to go? I do not know at this moment. Off to Bali to work on some private projects or off to Greece to work with refugees?

I will know it in a few days…until then we enjoy our remaining time in this hidden place in Western Thailand.

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