Only bad parents drag their children on a longterm journey

How selfish of a parent to take their young children to travel around the world. How can they put their children into danger? How can they make them live in poverty while they could live in wealth and security? Other countries are dangerous, it is safe to take your kids on a two week vacation, but everything else is not acceptable. Other countries have not the same standard as your own country, they are dirty and unsafe, people are nasty and try to rip you off all the time. The only way to be is to live at one place, work many hours so you can afford a mortgage for your house and you can afford to take your family once a year on a holiday trip. Work hard so you can afford to put your child into a good school, where it can be taught how to make a good living.

You have to make sure that your children fit into society, they need to be shaped to fit in, teach them to be always one step ahead of what the neighbours might think of them. This is the most important thing. They should learn to hide their feelings, never to listen to their inner voice, their is not such a things as an inner voice, make sure they do not buy this silly new age ideas.

Children need rituals, they need one home and they need…

Some travelling families had heard comments like this from relatives, friends or even strangers.

I totally agree that children need rituals, they need a home and most of all they need love and care.

I can see that people who have never left their home country for a longer period of time might be afraid of the “strange outside world”, they might be afraid of the unknown and they never had the chance to explore other countries and cultures as we do. I can also see that travelling can be one of the biggest gifts you could ever give to your child and to the world, by raising an open minded human being. A child who learns that there is more than only one way of doing things. A child that grows up with an open mind that does not need to judge. A child who feels compassion and love for all living beings. A child who learns to listen to it’s own inner voice.

I totally believe in raising my child by giving her roots, wings and love. Giving roots does not require to stay at one place, giving wings does not require to leave everything behind and to travel the world. There is not such a thing as the one and only way of doing something. Each one needs to find it’s own way. And we can achieve this by keep listening within, listen to ourselves and to encourage our children to listen within as well.

Love, peace, hope and kindness for you and all living beings <3


How do you give your child roots and wings? Please share in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Only bad parents drag their children on a longterm journey

  1. Annie and Malia completely capture the term home, no matter where they are….their home is steady. It is trust in each others totally unconditional love. Stable isn’t a place; it is in the hearts of those generous, open-minded people and diverse souls who embrace giving of themselves. I believe the education Annie gives to Malia is superlative in every way. At barely 4, she is multi-lingual, cultured and extraordinary in her understanding of diversity, far advanced for her age. They are blessings to all they meet and have been like family while they were here for the holidays. Peace, Unconditional Love and Thank you as you go forth; you are two very special people, mother and daughter! I am grateful I know you. Jan Dynes

  2. Showing your children the world is fine in principal,I just wonder how you can afford it. Do you work your way around? What about their basic education, do you keep up with that?

    • In our case we do charity. I have founded a NGO and do ground-work for a period of at least two years. In addition I do Life-Coachings and work with my clients on the phone or Skype. But there are several ways…like a location independent Online-Business, Working while travelling….

      Education wise there’re also so many options. We call it “world schooling”. Your child will learn so much more out of real experiences than it could ever learn in a class room. There are as well many many options and also tools to support parent and child.

      If someone really wants to do this, they will find a way 🙂

    • Good that are more and more families seeing this 😉

      Just checked your blog. Very nice. Hope you have a amazing time in Romania, sounds lovely.

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