Dance for Kindness in Thailand 2015 – Final Footage and Pics


In November 2015 we danced with thousands of people around the world for kindness and love. I was honoured to be the Group Leader for Thailand in Life Vest Inside’s worldwide Dance for Kindness.

‘The purpose of World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves- beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion, and realize that we are citizens of the world and that kindness is the common thread that unites all of us.’

I travel the world with my four year old daughter doing charity. In 2015 we lived at a Children’s Home in Thailand. Despite all challenges we decided to stay and prepare some of the kids. I am so proud that 55 children participated with us on the worldwide “DANCE FOR KINDNESS”.

Our message to the world: Don’t let fear stop you from being kind!!!!!

The world is going through a difficult time: fear and terror are being spread. But we decide if we give in or not. Don’t let fear stop you from being kind. Together we can make a difference. With love, hope, peace and kindness we can outbalance the fear!

Join me and the kids from the Baan Unrak Children Home and watch as we danced for kindness in November 2015.


Some pictures of the dance:

More about the Dance for Kindness 2015:

Dance for Kindness 2015 Thailand: Thank you

Dance for Kindness in Thailand

Baan Unrak Children’s Home in Thailand

Challenges of the first days-Children Home in Thailand

Cleft operation – the result brought tears into our eyes.

Translation: German

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