Dance for Kindness in Thailand 2015 – Final Footage and Pics


In November 2015 we danced with thousands of people around the world for kindness and love. I was honoured to be the Group Leader for Thailand in Life Vest Inside’s worldwide Dance for Kindness.

‘The purpose of World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves- beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion, and realize that we are citizens of the world and that kindness is the common thread that unites all of us.’ Continue reading

A Letter from St. Nicholas to a Travelling Toddler

Dear Malia Luna,

I come in the night before the 6th of December. Make sure you tidied up your room and cleaned your boots, put one boot outside your room and I will come while you sleep and fill it up with apples, oranges and nuts for the children who have been good.

I watched you all year my dear and I want to tell you: I am so very proud of you. I have seen you gave up your home to travel the world with your mummy and to help the less fortunate. You gave away your toys with a smile to children in the Philippines and in Thailand. You only kept what you could carry in your small bag.

You made friends all over the world, slept in all different places and you spread love and kindness wherever you went.

You have grown so much in the last year, not only in centimetres but in inner values as well. I have also seen that you and your mummy didn’t chose the easiest way all the time instead you followed your heart and chose the kindest way.

When you left you were still little, when you got tired from all the walking your mummy would carry you in the baby carrier, then you grew out of it and your mummy would carry you on her shoulders…in sunshine and rain.




I also saw that your mummy got tired sometimes as well, it made it harder for both of you. That is why I have decided that you my dear will receive another gift this year. I filled your boot with an apple and a orange and also got you a beautiful scooter. It’s small enough so you can take it with you wherever you go, it will make your walks easier and even more fun.


Thank you for all you did in the past year. Me and all your guardian angels will continue to watch over you and your mummy. You’re love, you’re light, you’re save.

Your friend

St. Nicholas


Dance for Kindness 2015 Thailand: Thank you

Time for a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!

On Nov 7th, I was blessed to take part as a Group Leader in an incredible awesome event, where people from all over the world unite as one. On the same day, we all danced to the same song, wearing the same colour. 50 Kids from the Baan Unrak Children’s Home in Sangkhlaburi Thailand danced with me for Kindness, Love, ` and Hope on the World Kindness Day in Sangkhlaburi Thailand. Continue reading

5 Reasons why living with a toddler at the school campus is pretty cool

Living with my 4 year old daughter at the school campus, sounds weird?

After almost four month in the volunteer house – the “Green House” – we had to change houses. In our last week volunteering at the Children’s Home we moved to the school premises. From a big shared house with fridge and living room we moved into a small room on the school ground. Our door facing the school playground. Continue reading

How we stayed 6 month in Thailand, without getting a Visa in advance

Planning long ahead is something I like doing in my head occasionally. But to be honest, I can’t even book a flight three weeks prior departure. A few days is perfect. Enough time to pack everything but quick enough to follow the spontaneous impulse. Continue reading

Dance for Kindness in Thailand

Worldwide thousands of people come together on November 8, 2015 to unite and dance for kindness. On the same day, to the same song, the same dance , in the same color …. thousands of people will dance in over 40 countries and over 100 cities .

…. and Rucksack Coach will participate with the children of Baan Unrak Children’s Home  ( ) here . Continue reading

Baan Unrak Children’s Home in Thailand

For over two month now, I live together with my 3,5 year old daughter in Sangkhlaburi in Thailand near the border to Myanmar. Where we support the Baan Unrak Foundation ( in different areas. Continue reading

From Idea to Reality: Living the Wow Factor

Discover the world through children’s eyes: Live the wow factor

Backpacking around the world, that is how I explored our wonderful earth a few years ago. With the birth of my daughter Malia Luna in 2011, it was clear that I wanted to show her all the beauty one day. Taking her on a great adventure, and thus broaden her horizons. Continue reading

Through the darkness into the light. Trust. Live. Fly.

How to learn from a butterfly

A little butterfly was caught in the bathroom of a house. She must have been entered through a small opening in the wall and couldn’t find her way out. She seemed so desperate and kept trying to fly towards the light, where she bumped against the closed window, over and over again. There was no way to open that window. I opened the door and tried to show her the way out. But she was so busy and too excited to see that there was someone trying to help. Although the door towards freedom was already open, she chose to continue the same painful way, the only one she knew. For hours, she run repeatedly against the closed window. Until she finally broke down, lying exhausted and frustrated on the bathroom floor.


How could I help him? 

I then realized, that the only way out led through the darkness. The light, her  freedom could not be reached through the closed glass window. She had to take all her courage, leaving her now familiar environment and change direction completely. She had to fly to the apparent uncertainty in order to gain freedom.

Surly, even more challenges would wait for her, behind that scary bathroom door, through the dark corridor to the front door. But if, she would not dare, she would for the rest of her life, see the light only through a closed glass pane.


Do not be afraid to walk through the darkness to make your way to the light.

-Annie Lulu-



Will she ever be able to find her own way? 

She’s just a little butterfly? The fact that she has come so far, is the proof that she can. A butterfly already went through its biggest transformation. As a small caterpillar she has built a cocoon from which she has finally forced herself out with her own power. And only through these enorm efforts, she was able to unfold her full beauty. Had anyone helped her and brought her out of the cocoon, her wings wouldn’t be strong enough to fly. Only through the tedious constraints out through the small opening of the cocoon, she was able to strip the gunk of her wings.

And so it is for you, the fact that you’re here, that you have come so far is proof that you can do it. All your recent challenges, your most experienced pain and your misfortunes … ..this all have made you the man or woman that you are today. You’ve come this far, so you can make it even further. Remember, we never get a challenge that we can not cope with.

To all freedom-loving people out there, to all who feel there must be more, to all who once broke down, desperately lying on the floor:


Do not give up! Go your way! Fly! 

Do not be afraid of the Dark! 

Only you know your way.

Deep inside you is the answer to all your questions.


There are people who are too busy analyzing why they got into a certain situation. Instead of being active, they are paralyzed with fear. Fear not to make it, afraid of failing. And then, they lie on the floor without even giving themselves the chance for another life.

While it is helpful to ask yourself: How did I get into this situation? What can I learn from this?, it is very important to start taking actions.

Trust. Live. Fly.

There will be people who will support you and there will be people who want to stop you. This might have many different reasons. They are happy where they and they don’t see the need to change anything or to seek something bigger. Maybe they envy you and your courage to do what they do not dare. They may project their own fears on to you and want to protect you from a ‘mistake’.  They believe you’re not capable of doing it and that their own limited belief is the only correct one.

But what do they know about your soul plan? About your longings? About your courage and incredible strength? Everything you need you’ll find inside yourself. No one else can tell you the direction, because no one else has the exact same experience as you have, no other but only  YOU yourself.

Trust. Live. Fly.

First Edition: The Way of St. James with a toddler

In a few weeks the first edition of my book  “The Way of St. James with a toddler ”  will be published.

It will be available in German and Dutch. If you’re interested in helping out with the translation into English and Spanish, please contact me.

The first part is a guide for parents who want to walk on the Camino with their child, but still have many unanswered questions.

The second part is about the Camino in general and about the challenges life gives us over and over and how we can deal with it .


*** We are all connected, we are all one . ***


In October 2014, Annie Lulu walked together with her 3 year old daughter Malia Luna on the Way of St.James in Spain. They walked 200km from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela. ‘The Way of St. James’ or ‘Camino de Santiago’ is by his pilgrims lovingly called ‘Camino’.

The Camino has so many similarities to real life. For Annie and Malia Luna it was sort of the start to a life-changing journey into faith.

Together with her daughter Annie is traveling the world for already many months. They support social service projects and non-profit organizations and live locally together with the people in need. 

They call themselves ‘The little owl and the Rucksack Coach’ and support since December 2014 in Asia. In the Philippines, Annie organized operations for cleft children, in Thailand they’re currently working with traumatized and disabled orphans.

A mom with her daughter, who organized everything on her own initiative. She founded her own charity and funded at the beginning almost all out of her own savings.

In the beginning there were many question marks. Own fears and well-intentioned transmitted fears of others.

With this book Annie Lulu wants to motivate and encourage you to go your own way. One step after another, the path unfolds while walking. Trust.

All benefit of the sale of this guide goes to the nonprofit organization Rucksack Coach Lulu gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)