Children’s Home in Thailand

From Koh Phangan to Sangkhlaburi.

After more than 32 hours of traveling- with two ferries, night train, three different buses, two Taxi rides and three rides on motorbikes- we finally arrived at our new destination.

Malia did awesome the entire trip.

In Sangkhlaburi, Thailand we are going to stay at an orphanage for the next six month.

As an EFT-Practitioner I am going to work with traumatised children.

If you wish to support our cause financially you can do so here: Thank you for donating!!


Portrait No 1 : Cleft Patients show their Beauty. Christe Itan.


Christe Itan

Christe Itan – The Hula Beauty

The first in our series of portraits is Christe Itan, 36 years old.

After months of hesitation, she decided against surgery. In adult patients, the recovery will take longer. Christe is a remarkable woman who always supports and cares for others. The shoot with her was incredibly fun.

With this beauty shoot, we have provided an unforgettable day for our cleft-friends. Almost all were initially a little shy, to be in the center of all attention and to have directed the camaras on them. The results are phenomenal.


Thank you to the photographers Ann-Kathrin Lange and Melly Kieß who flown in from Germany to to support ‘Rucksack Coach’ on this.Christe


16 cleft-friends and family were photographed. Everyone shall get his own portrait framed. But I still need some support. Since all of us work free of charge, we only need the material cost of 53 €. If you want to sponsor a gap-friend and pay for his portrait, you can donate here.  3,32 € per person. Please specify the name of the cleft-patient you want to donate the portrait. Donations to ‘Rucksack Coach’ are tax deductible.

Idea © Rucksack Coach
Photo © Ann-Kathrin Lange

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