Living at the orphanage Baan Unrak with three year old daughter

Baan Unrak means ¨House of Joy¨ and is home of over 130 orphans. Also single and abandoned mothers found a home here.

For the next six month, this will also be the home for me and my three-and-a-half-year old daughter. Rucksack Coach and the little owl are living at Baan Unrak in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand.

As a EFT-Practitioner I work with different traumas of the orphans.




The main house is where the girls sleep. There is also the meditation and yoga room, the computer room, liberay and office.




Laundry to dry in the hallway.




Waiting for ice cream. Someone donated 50$ to buy ice cream for the kids. For 100$ they can buy the ingrediants for pizza for 130 kids.




Eating on the ground.




An empty ice cream container is the plate.

Every child brings his own plate, after the meal they clean it and return it to their room.




Breakfast: Nudels, yoghurt and tofu. In Baan Unrak they eat vagan. They also don´t eat onions, garlic and mushrooms.




Usually in Baan Unrak they buy their ghee in Bangkok at the market. But Bangkok is 8hours away. Today I taught the new baker how to make his own ghee.




Butter is slowly heated for 30 min.




Babu from India, is the organic farmer here, he helped to filter the ghee.




Ghee ready to cool down.



Philippine Cleft Baby gives Black Samira a New Home


Samira is a black doll who was given to my baby sister almost 25 years ago. She adored her doll and took her everywhere where she was going.

Now, that both have grown up, Samira decided to travel the world and my baby sister let her go, because she loves her and knew what you love you have to let go.

Samira made all the long way from Germany to the Philippines, where she found a new family. Cleft patient Leemcer Zeus and his loving parents Summer and Christmas welcomed her with open arms and promised to take good care of her, always.



It’s hard to let go of someone you love.

Samira you will always be loved. Leemcer Zeus please always be kind to your new friend

From Backpacking-Baby to Charity-Child

Our first mom and daughter Backpackingtour was through Thailand in 2012. At that time I was not so sure myself whether and how that would work. I just had to try it. Consciously I hardly told anyone until the tickets were booked. I just didnot want to listen to well-intentioned concerns and advice of others who had never done anything like this, but had surely a lot of reasons why a mom should not go with her 1-year old baby on a backpacking tour.

Nearly three years later, in 2015, we came by chance to the same beach in Koh Phangan in Thailand, where we had been in 2012. A good time for a résumé.

Much has changed. Meanwhile, my baby, is no longer a baby. She has traveled halfway around the world and for almost a year now w´re a mom-daughter team on a charity tour around the world. We live and support they who need our help. It is a journey into trust,  that carries so much good in it.

The well-intentioned advices on what is not possible I hear less and less. Such a trip as we do, have probably very few experienced before us. And we prove every day what is possible when Mum and daughter are on their own.


EFT and Matrix Reimprinting with Child. From the Philippines to Thailand.

Always on the search how to improve my charity work as Rucksack Coach, I discovered a while ago EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques and Matrix Reimprinting.

After working a while with these powerful breath taking techniques and experiencing first hand great results on me and with clients, I got myself trained as a EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner by Master Trainer Rob Nelson from California.

From the Philippines to Thailand.

Still in the final throes of our Philippine-cleft-mission, I ¨coincidentally¨ found out about this intense Seminar in Thailand, held by Master Trainer Rob Nelson from California. On a remote place where I ¨coincidentally¨ had passed by two years ago while backpacking with Malia. It is quiet a bit complicated, but I kind of knew how to get there.

The seminar was supposed to start 6 days later. I wasn´t able to organize neither accomondation nor babysitter from where I was in the Philippines. It was crazy. But my inner voice said: Go for it. Four days later, my little daughter and I were in an airplane…once again on a journey into the unknown.

It was very adventurous. After 15 hours travelling we arrived there in the evening, no accomondation, my purse was gone and our mood was about to collapse….

But once again my trust got rewarded. It was a fantastic and mind-blowing week.

Thank you Rob Nelson for this awesome teaching and thanks so much to this incredible group who all were ok with having Malia in the seminar for a day, when the babysitter let us dow. And extra special thanks to my wonderful daughter who was happy with a new babysitter each day and who was fantastic being a whole day with me in the seminar.

Everything is possible!


Living with cleft patients and ghost in Manila. She died at the age of 34 and appeared at my 34th birthday.

Good morning Manila. 5:30 a.m. Well rested for another day, not really. The nights and days are really hot. It is summer in Manila and around 40° Celsius. I learned that the normal body temperature in the Philippines is considered to be 37°. In Germany I was used to 36° body temperature.


Where do you sleep?

Malia Luna and I stay with our remaining two cleft patients and their parents in the St. Joseph Transient House in Quezon City Manila. This place is run by the ICM-Immaculate Connception Missionary- Sisters. It is for the less fortunate people and their relatives who come from far away to Manila for operation. The relatives wait here until the patients get discharched from hospital and then the patients stay here until they recover or in some cases they stay for month and wait their turn for operation. Many different characters and energies come together. Continue reading

Starting from the scratch with doormats. Never give up. And how you can support.

For 5 month now, my 3 year old daughter and me, accompany cleft patients on their long way to recovery. I was looking for them, driving to their homes to the different barangays and had gunmen following us. I brought them to different check-ups and went with them on a over 30hour journey to Manila. We rode together tricycle, multicap and jeepnis, taxi, pedicap, ferry and plane. I had support on the way and was suddenly left alone. But I had promised not to stop until all 10 patients received their first operation and they know how to get the follow up operations. (All operationa and compleat clft treatment done by NCFP). Now 5 month later all 10 patients have received their operation. One major step is done. Thank you to everyone to helped along the way. Also to the ones who had not the endurance to finish. I did learn from all of them.

Along the way I got to know patients and families very well.  We shared joy and tears, laughter and sorrows. The cleft patients and families became our friends and finally our family.

Continue reading

Count your Blessings on the 34th Birthday

I have made it my habit to count my blessings. To express gratitude even in hard times. There are blessings to find even in the most awkward situations. Sometimes I can not see them, so I just try to trust.

2014 was a very turbulent year, since July 31, 2014, we are on the road with no fixed home, since mid-December we’re in the Philippines. In five months in the Philippines I was able to achieve much as ‘Rucksack Coach’. Together with my three year old daughter Malia Luna I have experienced an incredible amount, learned and helped. We were warmly welcomed in a new culture in a new country. We made many friends and also got to know the downsides. We were lied to and cheated and I was tested by my principles. Whether I am honest, true and authentic with myself even in difficult times? We experienced the fun side of the country and also the poverty and pain.

My 34th birthday I spent in the Philippines in a country far away from my home country. Together with my daughter who is always by my side. Our home is where our heart feels well. Where we can see the sun and the moon.

I want to share with you, my three main birthday presents:  Continue reading