From the Way of St. James to the Ironman. German Ironman supports children in need.

Philipp Keckes, 28years old from Germany is an IRONMAN.

We met him in october 2014 on The Way of St. James, the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

I was walking 200 km on the Camino de Santiago with my 3 year old daughter and we met Philipp on our first day. Two weeks later we met him again on his last day in the cathedral of Santiago and we prayed together at the tomb of the apostle St. James.


Malia on the shoulders of Ironman Philipp

Philipp is supporting our social cause Rucksack Coach and asked his friends and family to donate.


In Austria Klagenfurt he

swam 3,86 km

bicycled 180,2 km

run 42,195 km



swim 3,86 km


bicycle 180,2 km


run 42,195 km

Philipp, you are an IRONMAN

Philipp, you are an IRONMAN

Congratulation IRONMAN Philipp. We are proud to know you!

Ironman supporting Rucksack Coach

Ironman supporting Rucksack Coach


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