First Edition: The Way of St. James with a toddler

In a few weeks the first edition of my book  “The Way of St. James with a toddler ”  will be published.

It will be available in German and Dutch. If you’re interested in helping out with the translation into English and Spanish, please contact me.

The first part is a guide for parents who want to walk on the Camino with their child, but still have many unanswered questions.

The second part is about the Camino in general and about the challenges life gives us over and over and how we can deal with it .


*** We are all connected, we are all one . ***


In October 2014, Annie Lulu walked together with her 3 year old daughter Malia Luna on the Way of St.James in Spain. They walked 200km from Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela. ‘The Way of St. James’ or ‘Camino de Santiago’ is by his pilgrims lovingly called ‘Camino’.

The Camino has so many similarities to real life. For Annie and Malia Luna it was sort of the start to a life-changing journey into faith.

Together with her daughter Annie is traveling the world for already many months. They support social service projects and non-profit organizations and live locally together with the people in need. 

They call themselves ‘The little owl and the Rucksack Coach’ and support since December 2014 in Asia. In the Philippines, Annie organized operations for cleft children, in Thailand they’re currently working with traumatized and disabled orphans.

A mom with her daughter, who organized everything on her own initiative. She founded her own charity and funded at the beginning almost all out of her own savings.

In the beginning there were many question marks. Own fears and well-intentioned transmitted fears of others.

With this book Annie Lulu wants to motivate and encourage you to go your own way. One step after another, the path unfolds while walking. Trust.

All benefit of the sale of this guide goes to the nonprofit organization Rucksack Coach Lulu gemeinnützige UG (haftungsbeschränkt)



Update: Little Owl and Rucksack Coach


More than six weeks now we live at the orphanage Baan Unrak in Sanghklaburi, Thailand.

I am working there as an EFT-Matrix-Reimprinting Practitioner with orphans and special-abled children.

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