Dance for Kindness in Thailand 2015 – Final Footage and Pics


In November 2015 we danced with thousands of people around the world for kindness and love. I was honoured to be the Group Leader for Thailand in Life Vest Inside’s worldwide Dance for Kindness.

‘The purpose of World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves- beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion, and realize that we are citizens of the world and that kindness is the common thread that unites all of us.’ Continue reading

Dance for Kindness 2015 Thailand: Thank you

Time for a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!

On Nov 7th, I was blessed to take part as a Group Leader in an incredible awesome event, where people from all over the world unite as one. On the same day, we all danced to the same song, wearing the same colour. 50 Kids from the Baan Unrak Children’s Home in Sangkhlaburi Thailand danced with me for Kindness, Love, ` and Hope on the World Kindness Day in Sangkhlaburi Thailand. Continue reading

5 Reasons why living with a toddler at the school campus is pretty cool

Living with my 4 year old daughter at the school campus, sounds weird?

After almost four month in the volunteer house – the “Green House” – we had to change houses. In our last week volunteering at the Children’s Home we moved to the school premises. From a big shared house with fridge and living room we moved into a small room on the school ground. Our door facing the school playground. Continue reading

How we stayed 6 month in Thailand, without getting a Visa in advance

Planning long ahead is something I like doing in my head occasionally. But to be honest, I can’t even book a flight three weeks prior departure. A few days is perfect. Enough time to pack everything but quick enough to follow the spontaneous impulse. Continue reading

Dance for Kindness in Thailand

Worldwide thousands of people come together on November 8, 2015 to unite and dance for kindness. On the same day, to the same song, the same dance , in the same color …. thousands of people will dance in over 40 countries and over 100 cities .

…. and Rucksack Coach will participate with the children of Baan Unrak Children’s Home  ( ) here . Continue reading

Within seconds Everything can Change – Earthquake 4,8

Within seconds our life can change. Everything can be different, there are no guarantees. Choose wisely: your thoughts, your friends, your activities… they could be your last.

An earthquake of the strength 4,8 met Sanghklaburi in Thailand a few hours ago. The quake which was clearly to be felt has caused no bigger damages according to the first reports, nevertheless, it has caused fear.

It could be also understood as a wake up call. To concentrate on the essentials.

We were in the bathroom, I was just going to brush the teeth of my daughter when the building started shaking.

It was not my first earthquake, instinctively I picked up my daughter and brought her outside.

The first minutes are thrilling with uncertainty whether this was only a prequake and what would still come. I observe the dogs on the street. Dogs have a good sense and from their behaviour one can interpret something.

And then? Serenity settles in.

There is one question: “How would I want to spend my last moments on this earth?”

Shortly before the quake had started, I had dealt with a problem that were already running all day through my head. At this moment of the quake, this problem was not relevant at all.

It was also not important whether my child was on time in bed, whether the clothes are ironed or the house is cleaned. It was important that we were together. In case of any postquake I instructed my daughter what was to be done. And then we enjoyed the evening, sat late with friends together and concentrated on what is important to us

Have you asked yourself once: What would you do if you had to live only few hours or days? With whom would you want to spend this time? Which thoughts would you wanted to have? What stops you from doing this?

Please share your toughts.

Rainy season and Pyjama Party – like The Way of St. James in Spain


It’s raining and raining and will probably rain for many more weeks and even month. It’s rainy season.

October 2014 iI walked part of ‘The Way of St. James’ with my three year old daughter. In many ways, the Camino was the preparation for our charity journey. On The Way of St. James, we walked many days in rain, sturm and even lightening and thunder…..and here ist is almost the same….


Many years I didn’t use an umbrella, still I am not used to carry it around and leave in everywhwere….5 minutes later it is gone…and we have to walk through the rain…

Malia is using a plastic bag as raincover.


The path to our accomondation is long and muddy.


Our little house lies very remote.


It’s great so we can be as loud as we wish. The nights however can be a bit creepy.

While our neighbor is gone for a few days, we have two girls as sleeping guests.

Malia is reading them a good night story.


And jumping into the selfie.


However most impressed I am with Malia, how easy she got used to the very cold water. Even bathing in it…


Orphanage Baan Unrak in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand.

Living at the orphanage Baan Unrak with three year old daughter

Baan Unrak means ¨House of Joy¨ and is home of over 130 orphans. Also single and abandoned mothers found a home here.

For the next six month, this will also be the home for me and my three-and-a-half-year old daughter. Rucksack Coach and the little owl are living at Baan Unrak in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand.

As a EFT-Practitioner I work with different traumas of the orphans.




The main house is where the girls sleep. There is also the meditation and yoga room, the computer room, liberay and office.




Laundry to dry in the hallway.




Waiting for ice cream. Someone donated 50$ to buy ice cream for the kids. For 100$ they can buy the ingrediants for pizza for 130 kids.




Eating on the ground.




An empty ice cream container is the plate.

Every child brings his own plate, after the meal they clean it and return it to their room.




Breakfast: Nudels, yoghurt and tofu. In Baan Unrak they eat vagan. They also don´t eat onions, garlic and mushrooms.




Usually in Baan Unrak they buy their ghee in Bangkok at the market. But Bangkok is 8hours away. Today I taught the new baker how to make his own ghee.




Butter is slowly heated for 30 min.




Babu from India, is the organic farmer here, he helped to filter the ghee.




Ghee ready to cool down.