Portrait No 18: Allan

Allan is 24 years old. In march 2015 he got operated on his cleft palate on the same day as his two brothers Gerald and Benji. The operation was performed by the specialist of NCFP.

Allan was the oldest patient who was brought by Rucksack Coach from Bohol to Manila.


Idea © Rucksack Coach – Foto © Ann-Kathrin Lange.

Starting from the scratch with doormats. Never give up. And how you can support.

For 5 month now, my 3 year old daughter and me, accompany cleft patients on their long way to recovery. I was looking for them, driving to their homes to the different barangays and had gunmen following us. I brought them to different check-ups and went with them on a over 30hour journey to Manila. We rode together tricycle, multicap and jeepnis, taxi, pedicap, ferry and plane. I had support on the way and was suddenly left alone. But I had promised not to stop until all 10 patients received their first operation and they know how to get the follow up operations. (All operationa and compleat clft treatment done by NCFP). Now 5 month later all 10 patients have received their operation. One major step is done. Thank you to everyone to helped along the way. Also to the ones who had not the endurance to finish. I did learn from all of them.

Along the way I got to know patients and families very well.  We shared joy and tears, laughter and sorrows. The cleft patients and families became our friends and finally our family.

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Portrait No 17: Mama of 3 cleft children shares her story

My name is Jocelyn Roluna N., my husband is Wilfredo Selem N.. We have 10 children: Krystel 21, Joeffrey 19, Wendelyn 18, Jovanie 18, Jovelyn 17, Welly 15, Gerald 13, Jerome 12, Jonathan 11 and Jonas 10. Our oldest daughter graduated highschool. She is going to apply for work. She has no work experience so far, but I want her to work so she can help her brothers and sisters.

We don’t have enough money for everydays life. We live on a small island and sell the fish my husband and our sons catch. But mostly it is not enough for all of us. I have a sideline, I am a manicurist, sometimes I have service, but sometime I cannot serve because my hand cannot work for a long time. Sometimes my body and my muscles are in pain. Sometimes my in-laws have pitty on us and help but it happens only sometimes.

Most of the time we don’t have enough money. We try to save money so our kids can go to school, but it is just not enough.

This is my short story, thank you for listening and reading my story. Good day. Thank you very much. Jocelyn N.



Idea © Rucksack Coach  –   Photo © AnnKathrin Lange.


Cleft patients from 5 month to 36 years – Philippines








Portrait No 15: Welly Natividad

Welly Natividad, nickname Jhimboy is 15 years old and lives with his parents and his 9 siblings on Pangangan Island in the Philippines.
The family income is very low, so that Welly supporst his father when fishing to feed the family.

Welly was operated as a little boy on his cleft lip, but it was only in April 2015 that he received his follow-up operation for his cleftpalate. He was brought to the 1,000km distant capital Manila by Rucksack Coach and operated from NCFP.

Idea © Rucksack Coach –  Photo © AnnKathrin Lange.


Portrait No 12: What happens after cleft surgery? Did we change a live?



Portrait No 14: Jonathan Natividad

Jonathan Natividad is 10 years old and lives with his parents and his 9 siblings on Pangangan Island in the Philippines. In February 2015 Rucksack Coach has brought him to Manila, where he received a cleftlip correction. With him his two brothers Jonas and Welly got operated. All operations were performed by NCFP

Idea © Rucksack Coach
Foto © Ann-Kathrin Lange


Count your Blessings on the 34th Birthday



Portrait No 3 – Cleft patient has a long way to go: Leemcer Zeus


Family Ruite: Baby Leemcer Zeus, Mama June and Papa Resmeel.

They are not only beautiful to look at, they also have their heart in the right place. Four weeks we spent together in Manila. Tomorrow April 30, 2015 I will again accompany them to Manila to have their son Leemcer Zeus operated from NCFP. 

Leemcer Zeus will receive his cleft lip operation next week. In three to six months, he can get his second operation on the cleft palate. His last cleft operation can be done in a few years when his permanent teeth are growing. 

The young family has a long way to go. My job as Rucksack Coach was to strengthen them for their future path. And they are incredibly strong and so lovely. 

This great photo shot was taken from the photographer Annka and assistant Melly.

If you wish to contribute to the material cost of 3.32 €, you can do so here.

Portrait No 2 – Cleft Patient receives second chance: Leemcer Zeus


Next week baby Leemcer Zeus will be operated!

End of February 2015 I traveled with 10 cleftlip-and palate patients from Bohol to Manila. 9 out of 10 have been operated so far.

Because of pneumonia Leemcer Zeus could not be operated at once. After 4 weeks in Manila, we had another x-ray done. The result brought tears to our eyes. The right lung was still infected. Surgery was again not possible. They had to wait another four weeks. The young family decided to fly home. Whether they would get the flight sponsored again was uncertain. Would they undergo again the stress of the journey??

Ms. Mel from Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation Philippines gave the green light. Once the lungs are free, they will take care of the flight again. But the family has not even enough money for the x-ray. Having accompanied the other patients from Manila back to Pangangan, I met with Leemcer Zeus and his parents. I advanced the money for the X-ray examination and we’re all very excited to get the results.

The lungs are free !!! On thursday, April 30 2015 I will again accompany Leemcer Zeus and his parents from Bohol to Manila. In Manila Leemcer Zeus will receive a complete holistic cleft lip and palate treatment from NCFP.  The complete treatment that NCFP offers is very special and unique.

*Many thanks to the Photographer Ann-Kathrin Lange for the great picture*
If you wish to donate to give Leemcer Zeus his Portrait framed, which is only material cost of 3,32€. You can do it here.

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Leemcer Zeus: cleft patients age 5 month to 36 year

Family Ruite

Mama June Ruite

Beauty-Shooting for Cleft Patients

Annka und Melly RollerHolistic care. Body, mind and soul. That’s always important to me, also reagrding our cleft friends.

Bullying, staring and being laughed at, the feeling of being different or incomplete have left scars on the souls of those affected as well as with their parents and family members. Surgery is the first of many steps.

Often their self-confidence is quite low. I thought about what else could I do? With a beauty shoot, I wanted to give you all of them a very special day. Each individual should be at the center of positive attention. Getting a professional styling and make-up and having all Camaras on them. Their individual beauty is what I wanted to capture in a portrait. Continue reading