A simple birthday wish

As the 4th birthday of my daughter was approaching, I recalled her former birthday presents. What shall I give her? What would be special enough to be remembered?

For her very 1st birthday, I took her backpacking to Thailand. I remember I wasn’t sure how we both would cope with it and I didn’t tell anyone until the last minute. Since I wasn’t super strong and confident about the outcome, I din’t want to face any disempowering discussions about my decision. In hindsight it was the biggest life changing gift for both of us. It was the gift of finding confidence in ourselves and trusting in a higher guidance.

Three years later we live a life I have always dreamed of. We’ re free to follow our heart, we’re free to live wherever our heart leads us and we freed ourselves from paradigms we don’t agree. We’re on a journey into trust.

For her 2nd Birthday I got her the feeling of living in a material abundant world mixed with a breeze of nostalgia. Her present was a beautiful new pink doll’s pram and my very own special baby doll, I had for almost 30years.

For her 3rd Birthday I got her the gift of finding strength, resilience, love and stability in herself. How? By living it as an example. I took all the challenges life was giving us to find this incredible strength deep inside me. I can see it very clearly now, but while going through all this, i could only see mist. I had to walk through the mist, without seeing, trusting that I am guided.

At this time we’d already been living three month out of our car, staying with different friends. Sometimes only for one night. We focused on the beauty. No it was not always easy, but we made the very best and more out of it. One day after her 3rd Birthday we took of to Spain to walk an the Way of St. James, the Camino de Santiago. And seven weeks later we embarked to our new life, living a life of service. We were in the middle of our Journey into Trust.

For her 4th Birthday, I asked my daughter what she wishes for. I liked her answer, but the simplicity and depth just occurred to me much later. Her answer was: a christmas tree!

As her Birthday came closer, I was not sure where to get a christmas tree. We were living our live of service for almost one year. After 6 month in the Philippines organising cleft operations and after almost 4 month at an children’s home in Thailand. All I new was that I want to make her Birthday very special. I love to make a big fuss out of her Birthday, but I didn’t feel it would be appropriate doing it at the children’s home, where all the birthday kids celebrate together once a month. But I also didn’t want to cut back on our Birthday tradition. So we took a few days off and went to an island.

As her birthday was only a few days away I recalled my Birthday presents for her. What was the special gift I would give her this year? Last year I gave her a Minnie Mouse which is travelling with us through the world. This year I had a few smaller things, but what would be the very special gift?

A day before her Birthday, I was given the chance to organize the christmas tree. It was delivered to me through the circumstances. And I just realize the gift for your 4th Birthday is the internalization of the following quote by Dr. Wyan Dyer: “Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.” Use law of attraction, put out your desire and then let it go. Let the universe do the job, if it is meant to be it will come easily.

Your simple und humble birthday wish bring tears to my eyes and makes me so incredible proud of you. The day you were born is our eternal reminder of our connection. The day I was blessed to give birth to you, through me you entered into this life. Through you I entered into this life!
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